Jaroslaw Flicinski

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The artist Jaroslaw Flicinski
Born 1965, Gdansk, Poland.
Lives and works in Gdansk and Warsaw, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Site specific art,

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Jaroslaw Flicinski
This painter of large-scale canvases with repeated motifs of lines, circles, stripes or stencilled patterns usually applies simple geometrical forms. However, any association with Minimal Art will not pertain to form as much as to his interest in a site as the space of reception, the arrangement of the entire exhibition area and in the dialogue between architecture, light and paintings themselves…

Jaroslaw Flicinski
"Jaroslaw Flicinski' work is the result of the coming into relation of painting and architecture. Of the place where the artist is called to intervene, Flicinski observes the nature of the architecture, developing a specific interest in the quality of the natural light that reveals its visual forms…"

Jaroslaw Flicinski
As you wish, 2006

Jaroslaw Flicinski
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Jaroslaw Flicinski
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