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Jason Berger | the artist

The artist Jason Berger
Born 1924, Malden, Massachusetts, USA.
Died Oct 17 2010, Boston, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Impressionism,

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Jason Berger (January 22, 1924-October 19, 2010) was born in Malden, Massachusetts, the son of first generation Jews from Lithuania and Latvia, on his mother’s side, and from Russia and Lithuania on his father’s side. Speaking only Yiddish till the age of three, he grew up in the Boston suburbs and attended Roxbury Memorial High School. Encouraged by his mother and uncle, J.P.Savel, illustrator for the Boston Post, Berger’s interest and passion in painting were evident very early. As a teen in the mid-nineteen thirties, he painted en plein air regularly emulating the influences he saw in Boston. The immediate approach of the watercolors of John Singer Sergeant and Winslow Homer, as well as, the love of the old master and the current trends of Modernism, Cubism and Abstraction would stay with him throughout his life. (portrait: Paula Ferro)

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Jason Berger
Jason Berger was born in Malden, Massachusetts in 1924, the son of parents who could trace their roots back to Jewish communities in Russia, Lithuania and Latvia. Growing up in the suburbs just outside Boston, Berger attended high school in Roxbury and studied in afternoon scholarship classes at the Museum of Fine Arts. Together with close friends Reed Kay and Jack Kramer, he received a scholarship to the School of Museum of Fine Arts in 1941, where he studied until being drafted into the army at the end of his second year. He served in Europe until 1946, and then returned to complete his studies at the Museum School where he met and later married fellow student Marilyn Powers in 1947…

Jason Berger
Berger was a Boston painter, connected to the Boston Expressionists, studying with Karl Zerbe at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. He painted en plein air landscapes in the United States, Europe and Mexico and used those motifs in abstracted studio paintings. His approach was direct, his vision clear, his paintings full of structural elegance with the results a positive and optimistic expression. Renowned for his humor, love of jazz, and his upbeat approach to painting, his work expresses the joy of life and love of place.

Jason Berger

Jason Berger in Tavira
Jason Berger loved painting and jazz. And Tavira. Here are a few of his paintings from Portugal. Video by Russell Smith

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