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The artist Javier Mariscal
Born 1950, Valencia, Spain.
Style and technique of the artist: Postmodernism, Design,

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javier mariscal
"Mariscal is thought of as a kind of blender, in which Calder and Vázquez, Miró and Micky Mouse, Matisse and Crumb are found in equal measures. The result is Mariscal, a professional in design, comics and painting, who does not consider himself a professional and who vindicates this mixture."

javier mariscal
Conversation with the artist (Spanish)

javier mariscal
Despertar Carpet

interview with the artist
Multidisciplinary designer Javier Mariscal is a household name in Spain. Based in Barcelona as principal of Estudio Mariscal, his imagination and unique style comes to life in comics, illustrations, graphic, industrial and textile design, painting, sculpture, multimedia, animation and interior design.

javier mariscal
Due to his versatile artistic career, his iconoclastic sense of humor, his explosive imagination and his controversial genius, Mariscal is a unique character in Spanish contemporary design.

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