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Jawad Al Malhi | the artist

The artist Jawad Al Malhi
Born 1969, Jerusalem, Palestine.
Lives and works in Shofat refugee camp, Jerusalem, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sharjah Biennale, Site specific art, Video,

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Jawad Al Malhi
My work takes its starting point from the experience of ‘otherness’ that I have experienced both at home and abroad, as a Palestinian. Over the course of my career my work has explored spaces of marginality through painting, mixed media and site specific work. My work is often inspired by the daily life of people who live in marginalised communities, particularly the way in which experience contours their bodily forms and the individual’s relationship with space and the built environment. My interest in humanist issues informs my visual language as my research focuses on ways in which art works can translate across cultural and geographical boundaries.

Jawad Al Malhi
Jawad Al Malhi works with different media such as painting, installation and video. His very sensitive exploration of self and identity shows his talent as a keen observer of the human condition. He had numerous solo and group exhibitions in Palestine, Jordan, Japan, Europe and the US. He co-founded the Open Studio Palestine project that runs art workshops for children.

Jawad Al Malhi
Palestine c/o Venice

Jawad Al Malhi
Jawad al Malhi’s work includes painting, photography, video and site-specific work and is preoccupied with the experience of marginalized communities and their relationship to space. Exhibited across two venues in London (The Delfina Foundation and The Mosaic Rooms), his New Works seek to produce alternative representations of Jerusalem, a city whose iconography has been exhausted by tourists and journalists alike…

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