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The artist Jean-Christian Bourcart
Born 1960, , France.
Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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Jean-Christian Bourcart is best known for several distinct photographic projects. One, Forbidden City, is a series of photographs taken with a concealed camera in S/M Clubs in New York and swinger clubs in Paris, while Infertile Madonnas used a similar hidden camera in a Frankfurt brothel. Another project, The Most Beautiful Day of My Life, involved collecting unsold marriage photographs from the storage room of a photography company. And finally Elvis: a 35mm feature film made in Sarajevo with fellow photographer and film-maker Alain Duplantier…

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Collateral – The Projections of Jean-Christian Bourcart

jean-christian bourcart
Of his own work, the artist says 'Maybe I take pictures and make films to identify and distance the forms which haunt me, to fill in the gap between the more intimate side of my life and the vast, infinite outside of it, which is so mysterious too…

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