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The artist Jean-Luc Moulene
Pseudonym: Jean-Luc Moulene
Born 1955, Rheims, France.
Lives and works in Paris, France, .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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Jean-Luc Moulène
Objets de Grève

Jean-Luc Moulène
The photographic work of the French artist Jean-Luc Moulene explores the sidelines of photographic images. The neatly framed photos and monumental poster blow-ups attached to big Styrofoam walls leave a lasting impression through the unreal and alienating influence they wield on the visitor. The works of Moulene are unique and clearly deserve more attention in the small world of photography?

Jean-Luc Moulène
About the artist

Jean-Luc Moulène
Jean-Luc Moulène monumentalizes the unimportant in his
color-drenched epic photographs. The egg carton, and the morning
yawn of the housewife are slowed down and inspected from every

Jean-Luc Moulène
We are here and there

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