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The artist Jean-Michel Alberola
Born 1953, Saida, Algeria.
Lives and works in Paris, France, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Printmakers, Figuration-Libre-Graffiti,

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jean michel alberola
Alberola is a critical and humorous investigator of the artist’s role as ‘creator’. A large part of his work is signed by him with the name Actéon. Actaeon is the hunter from Greek mythology who sees the goddess Diana bathing. Diana tolerates no male advances, however, and responds ruthlessly. He is changed by her into a stag and torn to pieces by his own hounds. What Alberola finds fascinating about this story is that Actaeon transgresses the boundary of what may be seen. Through this theme he explores the limits of the forbidden and thereby those of the iconoclastic tradition.

jean michel alberola
Peintre associé à la Figuration libre, Jean-Michel Alberola interroge l'idée «de la fin de la peinture» chère au XXème siècle, au travers de toiles et d'oeuvres peintes à-même le mur. En effet, dans les années 80, Jean-Michel Alberola était préoccupé, comme d’autres peintres de sa génération, par le devenir de la peinture et la pertinence de sa pratique…

jean michel alberola
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