Jean Pierre Pincemin

Jean Pierre Pincemin | the artist

The artist Jean Pierre Pincemin
Born April 7 1944, Paris, France.
Died May 17 2005, Arcueil, France.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Printmakers, Supports Surfaces,

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Jean-Pierre Pincemin
Among the founders of the Support/Surface group, who constitute the only substantial postwar effort to drag the School of Pads back into the front ranks of the international avant-garde, Pincemin has kept up as no other French artist with developments in the big world beyond the Eiffel Tower. His recent show at Denise Cade provided an opportunity to see what he has been up to recently. Practical considerations determined that most of the paintings shown were medium and small size. This is too bad, because Pincemin is at his best on a large scale that gives full play to the force of his imagery and the nuances of his style…

Jean-Pierre Pincemin
Enfant ordinaire, il préfere l'école buissonnière et les aventures de Blake et Mortimer aux leçons et devoirs. Pour le redresser, on l'envoie en pension chez les jésuites, puis on lui fait apprendre le métier de tourneur. A 17 ans, muni d'un CAP, il entre dans une petite entreprise. Jean-Pierre Pincemin est autodidacte. Il a pris goût à la peinture en séchant les cours d'esthétique industrielle pour aller au Louvre. Après avoir taté de la pellicule, il se met à la peinture, parce que le galeriste Jean Fournier, qui avait une maison près de celle de ses parents, l'encourage à le faire…

Jean-Pierre Pincemin
Pincemin didn´t attend neither art school nor college and just after school he works on the assembly line at the Renault factory. He uses his spare time of freedom to attend the Louvre where he discovers the masters of painting. A little later, a technical training will lead him to work as turner in the mechanical engineering industry of precision, and then after some other wanders, as from the sixties, he gets devoted to painting, engraving and the sculpture…

Jean-Pierre Pincemin
Works in the MOMA collection

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