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The artist Jeanie Chadwick
Born Sept 20 1949, Philadelphia, USA.
Lives and works in Wayne, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Photography,

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Born in the East Falls section of Philadelphia,
Jeanie Chadwick remembers drawing inside books, on walls and any blank
surface before the age of two. She was quick to share her enthusiasm for
art in the homes of friends, family and neighbors.
This is about the same time that she began “editing” family photographs.
Her interest in art continued throughout her childhood.
In high school she was introduced to oil paint and watercolor, so she
set up a studio at the foot of her bed and began accepting commissions
for portraits.
During high school she became involved in the family antiques business.
Soon after she married and put art aside to raise four children. During
that time she started up her famous traveling petting zoo,
“Mrs. Chadwick’s Funny Farm”, featuring “The Party Animals” and “Funny
Farm Ragdolls and Ragamuffins. 
Always involved with animals, she served as Radnor Township,
Pennsylvania’s animal warden and obtained state licensing for animal
rehabilitation, but that’s a whole other story.
She was usually the family photographer, so she became a professional
during her few seconds of spare time.
After 17 years, the “Party Animals” retired and as a result she pursued
photography full time.
One day she bought a French easel and started painting again after 25
She feels that the study of photography has helped her to better
understand painting. Although she is unschooled in art, she feels very
strongly about the value of education.
She has won national and international competitions with her photography
and art, her subjects being very diverse. Her work is in private
collections nationally and in Europe.
Her children now grown and with four grandchildren, most days she can be
found in her home-studio, at her easel.
She lives in Wayne, Pennsylvania with her musician and teacher husband
Jay, youngest son Danny and their 11 year old Chihuahua, “Senor”. Jay
Jr. and his new bride live in Malvern.
Both daughters and their families live in Maryland.

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