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The artist Jeff Wall
Born Sept 29 1946, Vancouver, Canada.
Lives and works in Vancouver, .
Style and technique of the artist: Postmodernism, Photography – Documentary, Photography, Roswitha Haftmann Prize, Hasselblad Award,

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Jeff Wall: Complete Edition. Critic and curator Arielle Pelenc talks with the artist on themes ranging from storytelling to cinematography. Boris Groys, author of “Contemporary Art from Moscow”, focuses on the meaning of light in Wall’s work. The update section by French art critic and historian of photograpy Jean-Francois Chevrier surveys Wall’s work from 1995 to the present. The artist has chosen texts by Blasie Pascal and Franz Kafka for the “Artist’s Choice”, and the “Artist’s Writings” celebrate Wall as an art historian and theorist by including key essays and important interviews.
Jeff Wall: Works and Collected Writings. His compositions in both color and black-and-white maintain a constant dialogue with nineteenth-century genre painting, and truly make him, in Charles Baudelaire’s expression, “a painter of modern life.” This substantial monograph collects Wall’s works alongside his writings in 300 pages featuring almost 150 illustrations.
Jeff Wall. Standing almost 14 inches wide by 20 inches tall, this exquisitely produced volume affords readers an unprecedented opportunity to study the work of the important Canadian artist/photographer Jeff Wall at the large scale for which his work is known. Informed by conceptual art, historical painting and avant-garde film, Wall began to produce large-format color transparencies, presented on light-boxes, in the late 1970s—a format that has become strongly identified with his work. This volume includes recent examples of this work, as well as large black-and-white prints—a format first incorporated into Wall’s practice in 1996.
Jeff Wall: Catalogue Raisonne 1978-2004. This book is the first systematic compilation of information and materials on Wall’s individual works and contains 120 catalogue entries, as well as technical and historical data, and commentaries by the artist, who is also known for his writings.
Jeff Wall: Picture for Women In Picture for Women, a woman looks outward, as if at the viewer; a camera occupies the center of the photograph; the photographer stands on the right. Modeled on Manet’s famous painting Un bar aux Folies-Bergere, in which a barmaid seems to look directly out of the painting, observed by a man on the right, Picture for Women establishes its own art historical genealogy, claiming its rightful position within the canon.

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Jeff Wall (Canadian, b. 1946) is widely recognized as one of the most adventurous and inventive artists of his generation. This retrospective surveys his career from the late 1970s to the present through some forty works. The exhibition features his major lightbox photographs and trace the evolution of his principal themes and pictorial strategies…

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Vancouver artist Jeff Wall has become internationally recognized for his compelling photographs. Over the past thirty years, he has asserted the importance of the pictorial traditions of modernism in the wake of the challenges to that tradition presented by conceptual art and the postmodern critiques of representation of the 1980s and 1990s. Drawing on the aesthetics of cinema, photography and painting, Wall’s work has played a key role in the development of photographic imagery as an important arena in contemporary art. Since the late 70s, Wall has made his colour photographs as transparencies presented in light boxes…

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This interview took place in Wall’s studio, located in Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood, an area blighted with alternating signs of homelessness, drug traffic, and generic gentrification. A pair of adjacent two-story townhouses have been converted into an all-purpose photo production facility, in accordance with the artist’s wishes to conduct every phase of the imaging process “in-house,” as it were…

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Wall creates his works using actors and actresses on location, as in a movie production, and uses a computer to construct elaborate scenes. Just as painters of past ages composed and depicted historic scenes, landscapes and fashions, Wall portrays our present age fully applying his knowledge of art history and photography…

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