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The artist Jenny Hogarth
Born 1979, Glasgow, Scotland.
Lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Video, Athens Biennale,

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Kim Coleman
My work often remakes elements of an occurrence, replicating and reducing climactic experiences to a series of effects using various found/household and/or craft materials. By exploring dichotomies such as between creation and destruction or innocence and experience my work often redrafts histories neglected by the mass media. Rather than attempting to re-stage history, the re-enactments referenced other re-enactments – that ritually repeat their own clichés. The work is often a tautology and is as much a discussion about creativity and ways of making art as a model of teamwork and friendship…

Kim Coleman
Jenny Hogarth’s work explores cultural ritual, consumerism, pageantry and mass ornamentation. She uses a wide range of media, encompassing object-based installations, video, choreography and performance in works which, most recently, reference Edinburgh cultural imaginaries through collaborative choreographed spectacle…

Kim Coleman
Three hijacked jets in desert – Amman Jordan

Jenny Hogarth and Kim Coleman

Kim Coleman
An interview between Kim Coleman, Ryan Gander, Jenny Hogarth, & Rebecca May Marston, 15th October, 2006.

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