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The artist Jeremy Blake
Born 1971, , USA.
Lives and works in New York and Los Angeles, .
Died July 17 2007, Sea Girt, NJ, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Digital Art,

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jeremy blake

jeremy blake
The hallucinatory transmutations in Blake's opulent DVDs unfold in seamless and dream-like loops that preclude a beginning or end. Using various graphics programs, photographs and film footage, he laboriously renders and alters his images with countless layers of line and translucent color using techniques inherited from conventional drawing and painting, as well as lighting and editing effects suggestive of film. Blake often employs socially relevant subject matter, as well as art historical references, as a kind of psychological framework to create visual containers for contemporary anxieties and discarded utopian ideals…

jeremy blake
Heiress Sarah Winchester and her Winchester Mystery House — the bizarre gothic mansion she built to defend herself from the ghosts of those killed by the rifles that made her family famous — are the inspiration for Jeremy Blake's suite of digital animations, the Winchester trilogy…

jeremy blake
The Witch's Cap and 14 other works online

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