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Jill Scott | the artist

The artist Jill Scott
Born 1952, Melburne, Australia.
Lives and works in , USA/ Europe/ Australia.
Style and technique of the artist: Art and Electronic media, Installation art, Video, Performance Art,

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Jill Scott

Jill Scott

Jill Scott
Throughout the stages of her practice Jill Scott has been able to create both universal and at the same time intimate messages towards (the feminin) body, science&technology and society…

Jill Scott
1. OVERVIEW: The AIL project:exploring interface between art and Science i in the lab context. 2. New Innovative potentials: in engineering and computing, physics and natural sciences: 3. Ongoing projects from the AIL project: Z-Node and „Women in Science“

Jill Scott
video: The Electric Retina

Jill Scott

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