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Jim Campbell | the artist

The artist Jim Campbell
Born 1956, Chicago, USA.
Lives and works in , USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Digital Art, Art and Electronic media, Whitney Biennial, Installation art,

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Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell
coming from a technical background in engineering and an artistic background in filmmaking, I began to create interactive video installations that involve the viewer and the viewer's response to a given situation. In creating interactive video art work, my goal has been to move away from the conventional computer screen "button pushing" interface and instead to move towards creating works that have a more intuitive level of interaction…

Jim Campbell
Jim Campbell explores the nature of interactivity, especially as it relates to the Heisenberg Principle, which posits that attempts to closely measure or observe a phenomenon alter it, thereby making precise observation impossible…

Jim Campbell
His works, as their titles imply, are rooted in ambivalence: the image and its loss, the image that oscillates between analogue and digital, between the continuous image and the singularity of pixels…

Jim Campbell
Campbell is a leading figure in exploring computer technology as an art form….

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