Jindrich Styrsky

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The artist Jindrich Styrsky
Born 1899, Cermná, Chechoslovakia.
Died 1942, Prague, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Photography, Surrealism,

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Jindrich Styrsky

Jindrich Styrsky
Dream of the Marten. In the dream I am walking along a headland. Here the rocks have created an odd sort of pass. I wander until I reach a large modern villa with terrace and gazebo adorned with grapevines. It seemed to me in the moonlight like backstage of the Paris Opera. Wanting to spend the night in the gazebo, I climb over the wall…

Jindrich Styrsky
Jindrich Stysky (1899-1942) was a painter, poet, editor, photographer, and collagist. His outstanding and varied oeuvre included numerous book covers and illustrations…

Jindrich Styrsky
from the series "Man with Blinders", 1934, Vintige Photographie

Jindrich Styrsky
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