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The artist Jiri Anderle
Born Sept 14 1936, Pavlikov, Böhemia,, Czech Republic.
Lives and works in Prague, .
Style and technique of the artist: Drawing, Painting, Printmakers,

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jiri anderle
In 2006, Jiri Anderle received a gold medal from the Czech Republic for his contributions to Czechoslovakian culture. Solidly trained in the tradition of the old masters, he looks to the past and the present as a source of wisdom in asserting, without cultural distinction, the continuity of human life.

jiri anderle
Jiri Anderle attended the Academy of Creative Arts in Prague, where he studied painting under Professor A. Pelc and graphic art under Professor Silovský. He graduated in 1961…

jiri anderle
Anderle’s primary means of expression is drawing. His work forms closed complexes that capture moments of human existence, either in connection with ancient myths and legends or as aspects of contemporary life…

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