Jiri Kolar

Jiri Kolar | the artist

The artist Jiri Kolar
Born Sept 24 1914, Protivin, Czechoslovakia.
Died Aug 11 2002, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Writing, Collage,

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jiri kolar
…It should be mentioned that this Czech artist reached more acknowledgement abroad than at home. Since the 60s he had more than three hundred exhibitions, published ten monographs and ten anthologies, children’s books, catalogues and bibliophilies…

jiri kolar

jiri kolar
Gedicht oder Bild

Jirí Kolár
Between the years 1922 and 1945 he lived in Kladno, where he took up various of employment. During the 1940s he became a member of the “Art Group 42”, 1950 he was imprisoned. He could publish and exhibit only shortly in the end of the 60’s…

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