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The artist Jo Niemeyer
Born 1946, Alf, Mosel, Germany.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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jo niemeyer
Art and mathematicsÂ… an experiment… The basis of my work as an artist is the connection between art and nature, between the artistic action and the experimental work. This means that my artistic production which is fundamentally based on natural principles and measures is nothing more than a sequence of experimental steps which implies given and objective criteria and subjective factors in the same way. On the one hand my work is based on events in nature and civilization as well as on communication with colleagues of other disciplines. The dual pole mathematics – art is for me not only the basis of my experience but at the same time my central theme. My main interest is directed to the perception of space, time, distances and proportion and forms the synthesis between art and nature which implies in the end a dialogue between man and nature…

jo niemeyer
Geometrische Komposition’ and other works

jo niemeyer

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