Johan Thorn Prikker

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The artist Johan Thorn Prikker
Born June 5 1868, Den Haag, Netherlands.
Died March 5 1932, Koln, Germany.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Art Nouveau, Jugendstil,

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Johan Thorn Prikker
For Johan Thorn Prikker, poster design was not a sideline pursuit. It was an important part of his oeuvre. Dutch by birth, he spent much of his career in Germany…

Johan Thorn Prikker
Thorn Prikker's famous poster for an exhibition of Dutch art in nearby Krefeld, Germany, demonstrates the restraint and symmetry manifested by the Art Nouveau style as adapted in Holland. The juxtaposition of positive and negative, dark and light versions of the same interlaced patterns is allied with a similar succession found in Celtic manuscript borders…

Johan Thorn Prikker
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Johan Thorn Prikker
La Novia

Johan Thorn Prikker
The Bride

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