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The artist Johannes Baader
Born June 22 1875, Stuttgart, Germany.
Died Jan 15 1955, Schloss Adelsdorf, Lower Bavaria, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Dada, Writing,

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"Chief Dada" ("Oberdada")

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johannes baader
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johannes baader
Der OberDada.

johannes baader
In this photomontage, Baader presents a photograph of a domestic space in which various Dada ephemera hangs on the wall at upper left. A figure has been cut out of the center of the photograph to reveal the image of Baader’s dummy exhibited at the Berlin Dada Fair in 1920…

johannes baader
HOMMAGE À GUTENBERG.<br>Baader’s father worked as a metalworker at the royal buildings in Stuttgart. Johannes education began at the Stuttgart trade school from 1892 to 1895 and continued at the technical college. His first job was as a stonemason in Dresden cutting gravestones. In 1905 after moving to Berlin, he met Raoul Hausmann. Together they would become influential figures at the heart of Berlin Dada. In 1906 he designed a World Temple, a utopian vision of interdenominational harmony. It took numerous forms as inspiration, including Greek and Indian archetypes. In common with many utopian architects of the time, the building remained unbuilt and exists in the form of sketches and writings, it was to be 1500m high. 1911-1912 saw him produce designs for an unbuilt zoo for Carl Hagenbeck.

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