John Beard

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The artist John Beard
Born 1943, Aberdare, Wales, UK.
Lives and works in Australia, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Archibald Prize,

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John Beard
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John Beard
John Beard is an important contemporary painter whose struggle to maintain a dynamic tension in seductive images that investigate the structures of representation comes to a head in his recent Self-portrait series and the latest paintings of Ayers Rock…

John Beard
The Australian painter John Beard gives his opinion about the state of contemporary Australian art and the most outstanding artists of today…

John Beard
In a room of very big heads, it was a monochromatic noggin that took home the Archibald Prize. John Beard's portrait of the installation artist Janet Laurence is one of a series of paintings of his artist pals, two of which have been hung as finalists in the previous two Archibald Prize exhibitions…

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