John Mawurndjul

John Mawurndjul | the artist

The artist John Mawurndjul
Born 1952, Western Arnhem Land, Australia.
Lives and works in Milmilngkan and Mumeka outstations, .
Style and technique of the artist: Traditional Aboriginal Art, Painting, Sculpture Objects,

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John Mawunrdjul
The development in John Mawurndjul's oeuvre refutes the widespread prejudice in Europe that indigenous artists are incapable of developing their personal individualism or innovating outside of a collective authority…

Clemenger Contemporary Art Award 2003
John Mawurndjul is an innovator who has revolutionised Kuninjku bark painting, transforming it from an iconic art form into a metaphysical form of abstraction that has a compelling and esoteric geometry…

John Mawunrdjul
John Mawurndjul is one of the leading Indigenous Australian artists, receiving world recognition for his work…

John Mawunrdjul
Portrait of the artist, and some works

John Mawunrdjul
Mardayin and Wongkurr (sacred objects and dilly bags)

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