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The artist John Smith
Born 1952, London, England.
Style and technique of the artist: Video,

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Paul Hamlyn Foundation award 2011

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John Smith
Since 1972 John Smith has made over forty film, video and installation works that have been shown in cinemas, art galleries and on television around the world and awarded major prizes at many international film festivals…

John Smith
I am extremely grateful to the Paul Hamlyn Foundation for the first ’no strings attached’ award I have received in Britain since winning the Brooke Bond Tea Junior Art Prize in 1963. For my painting of the Oxford and Cambridge boat race I was presented with a publication entitled ’The Childrens’ Book of Achievement’ so in financial terms, even after taking inflation into account, the Paul Hamlyn Award represents a significant improvement in my fortunes. It will allow me to take risks that I have never dared take before, not least by enabling me to take time out from, or perhaps even leave, the part-time teaching work that I have relied on for a regular income over the past three decades. I am really excited by the prospect of making a full-time commitment to my own work over the coming years.

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