Jon Mikel Euba

Jon Mikel Euba | the artist

The artist Jon Mikel Euba
Born 1967, Amorebieta, Bilbao, Spain.
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Photography, Istanbul Biennial,

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jon mikel euba
„Jon Mikel Euba resorts to both image and text in his works ‘based on video, drawing and words, in order to construct ambiguous narratives and to stage incidents or mysterious situations, in which landscape attracts recurring fragmented actions, transformed by infinite repetition into abstract icons…"

jon mikel euba

jon mikel euba
One Minute, 2004

jon mikel euba
A series of images collected by Euba of rock stars acting and posing on stage, form a catalogue from which his work One Per Minute. 10 minutes in Istanbul is choreographed…

jon mikel euba
"Some Things Are Moving"

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