Jonathan Hernandez

Jonathan Hernandez | the artist

The artist Jonathan Hernandez
Born 1972, Mexico City, Mexico.
Lives and works in Mexico City, .
Style and technique of the artist: Collage, Video,

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Jonathan Hernandez
One of the themes that interests the Mexican artist, Jonathan Hernandez, the most is the definition of the status of the visual in the modern world. In his works, Hernandez often uses images made by others- report photos from newspapers, snapshots, post-cards, advertisements. Rubbing off all names and textual information which could help people recognize the origin and contents of the image, Hernandez leaves the viewer by himself with visual material as it is, with its potential meanings. In this way interpretation becomes the viewer’s job.

Jonathan Hernandez
The work of Jonathan Hernandez stands out for its critical and ironic yet reflexive posture about polemic issues of our contemporary world: the loss of meaning in common rites of communication, information, and mass culture…

Jonathan Hernández
El trabajo de Jonathan Hernández destaca por su postura crítica e irónica, a la vez que reflexiva, sobre los temas más polémicos del mundo contemporáneo…

Jonathan Hernández

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