Joon-Ho Jeon

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The artist Joon-Ho Jeon
Born 1969, Busan, South Korea.
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Singapore Biennale,

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Joon-ho Jeon
I am working on 3 sculpture, 1 digital animation and planning for film installation project. I am a realist, especially in the sense that I am interested in revealing in my work the lifestyles, desires, conflicts and contradictions of contemporary people using a variety of media.

Joon-ho Jeon

Joon-ho Jeon
The purpose of my recent work is to reveal the desire, conflict, and irony of contemporary people through various experimental ways. My work, for sure, evades conceptual or visual ambiguity. However, a wide spectrum of interpretation on my work is always welcome. This is my firm attitude toward invaluable contents underneath the thick sheil of the abstruse contemporary art.

Joon-ho Jeon
The White House, Digital animation

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