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The artist Jorge Pardo
Born 1963, Havana, Cuba.
Lives and works in Los Angeles, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects, Relational art,

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Throughout his career, Pardo has mixed work devised for traditional museum spaces with artistic pursuits sited in other venues. He has also combined interpretive and creative modes of artistic practice by assuming the role of "curator" on occasion. In 1997, Pardo mounted a rotating exhibition of works selected from the permanent collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. This followed a substantial commission to create a cafe for the Leipzig Messe in Germany in 1996. Last year at the Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia, Pardo renovated the reception spaces. The Berlin Parliament has recently commissioned a large project from Pardo to be realized in 2001. Pardo's large-scale architectural work ranges from what was planned as a temporary pier for Sculpture Project Munster in 1997 but has now become permanent, to a house, 4166 Sea View Lane, which he presented in 1998 in the context of a solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles…

Jorge Pardo's Summer HOUSE
We found the house through a real estate agent on the North Fork of Long Island in 2000 after we discovered the area through artist friends. It was built in the '50s by the Stamos family. Ours was the main house, and next door is where the later-generation abstract-expressionist painter Theodoros -Stamos had his studio. He was very close to Mark Rothko and was later involved in a lawsuit when, as an executor, he sold Rothko's paintings to the Marlborough Gallery…

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