José Bedia

José Bedia | the artist

The artist José Bedia
Born 1959, Havana, Cuba.
Lives and works in Miami, Florida USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Painting,

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José Bedia
<p>Desde que te fuistes…tu no te imaginas<br />
(Since you left…you cannot imagine)</p>

José Bedia
José Bedia’s works are often personal abstracts relating to his experience and world view as a Palo Monte initiate. The Afro-Cuban religion imbues his art with glimpses into an anthropomorphic realm where animals and humans share the same spirit, learning and making mistakes together. Each work always contains fragments of phrases that demystify the abstract forms into tangible meanings and lessons…

José Bedia
Vamos Saliendo Ya! (Let’s Leave Now!)

José Bedia
…His art is influenced by African, Afro-Cuban and Native American religions and cosmology. Bedia himself was initiated into the Regla de Congo, whose traditions are rooted in Kongo religions that arrived in Cuba with West African slaves…

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