Joseph Francis Sumegne

Joseph Francis Sumegne | the artist

The artist Joseph Francis Sumegne
Pseudonym: Joseph Francis Sumégné
Born 1951, , Cameroun.
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Sonsbeek,

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Joseph Francis Sumégné
Came to the sculpture after having passed by painting, the work of copper in jewellery and cutlery, the tapestry and basket making, he made his writing, Jalaa, a sum of all these techniques put at the service of a true transmutation of waste and rejects which constitute the essence of his raw material…

Joseph Francis Sumégné
The sculptures are mainly made from wire, scrap-iron and other (iron/waste) material. Material which he has piled up in the corner of his workshop like an unusual palette. Difficult material to manipulate too. Sumegné however seems to master it as if it were paint or crayon…

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