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The artist Joseph Nechvatal
Pseudonym: Twinkle'
Born Jan 15 1951, Chicago, USA.
Lives and works in New York (USA) & Paris (France), .
Style and technique of the artist: Digital Art, Art and Electronic media,

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painting via computer-robotics

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<p>Since 1986 Joseph Nechvatal has worked with ubiquitous electronic visual information, computers and computer-robotics. His computer-robotic assisted paintings and computer software animations are shown regularly in galleries and museums throughout the world. 

Immersive Ideals
<p>Immersive Ideals / Critical Distances : A Study of the Affinity Between Artistic Ideologies Based in Virtual Reality and Previous Immersive Idioms.

joseph nechvatal
Aventures Virales (Viral Adventures)

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