Josephine Meckseper

Josephine Meckseper | the artist

The artist Josephine Meckseper
Born 1964, Lilienthal, Germany.
Lives and works in New York, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Sculpture Objects, Collage,

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josephine meckseper
Meckseper's work equates our induced desire for fashion and luxury goods with the manipulations of media-driven ruling regimes, but it likewise compares both of these to their supposed antithesis in political protest movements. Partisan politics is just another status symbol…

josephine meckseper
Meckseper's elegant, ironic installation seductively addresses twenty-first century American consumerism and power, in a not-so-subtle mockery especially of the two things we still do better than anyone else: shopping and shooting…

josephine meckseper
But the art is only one side of Josephine, a lady of many dimensions. She is a fan of the Simpsons television program and enjoys playing badminton. And of course she adores bunny rabbits, which she tended as a child…

josephine meckseper, saatchi gallery
Often using shop windows and display cases, Josephine Meckseper conceives the art gallery as boutique: a cultural arena where aesthetics merge with ideologies, politics, and lifestyle axioms, levelling all as capitalist bi-product.

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