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Born , , France.
Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Site specific art,

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Art urbain

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As an undercover photographer, JR transforms his pictures into posters and makes open space photo galleries out of our streets. An acute observer of our time, as comfortable in cozy neighborhoods as in urban ghettos, he questions pedestrians with the exhibitions he mounts on their everyday commutes.<br />Using a camera he found once in the subway, JR finds inspiration in informal encounters he makes following his travels and his intuitions…

JR est une photographe masque. Misterieux et rebelle, il colle ses tirages photo sur les murs, en cachette…

JR’s canvas is the world. The Parisian guerilla artist eschews museums, favoring the crumbling walls of the world’s slums to the austere halls of its museums. (Even so, the Tate Modern did give him 100 feet of an external wall, and a 2009 auction of one of his prints fetched over 35 grand). Somewhat in the vein of the British artist Banksy, well known for his politically charged graffiti murals, JR will show up at slum, shantytown, or favela, often braving streets so mean that its children run around in bulletproof jackets…

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