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Juan Manuel Echavarria | the artist

The artist Juan Manuel Echavarria
Born 1947, Medellin, Colombia.
Style and technique of the artist: Photography, Writing, Sydney Biennale, Video,

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Echavarria was a writer for thirty years before turning to fine arts to make use of the pictorial and documentary qualities of this medium for his socio-political concerns. In his photo series and video films he deals with the power of the drug cartel and various forms of violence in Columbia that have become – after fifty years of civil war – shockingly normal.

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Interview Juan Manuel Echavarría
My background was in history. I actually did university here in the U.S. and I have spent a lot of time in Europe, in Greece, which gave me a sense of mythology and poetry. When I discovered there was something like the Odyssey, and when I started reading about Greek myths, I felt they were loaded with poetry and I became very dreamy…

juan manuel echavarría
La serie Corte de Florero del fotógrafo Juan Manuel Echavarría hace referencia a estas prácticas siniestras de cortar los cuerpos y reorganizar los miembros de acuerdo con ciertas imágenes. Echavarría realiza arreglos de huesos de personas anónimas en forma de flores, los fotografía, nombra y organiza en series de una gran belleza…

juan manuel echavarría
His videos have been screened in many festivals and exhibitions throughout Colombia, Europe, and the United States including: Latinoaméamerica: Cine, video y multimedia, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid…

juan manuel echavarría
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