Judy Millar

Judy Millar | the artist

The artist Judy Millar
Born 1957, Auckland, New Zealand.
Lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand and Berlin, Germany, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Venice Biennale,

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Judy Millar
Millar’s work, both intensely physical and highly mediated, questions the subjectivity of the artist as its seemingly empty gestures loop and swirl comically across the canvases’ surface. Continuing the instability and ambivalences present in the work these evacuated gestures fail to gel into singular images. Questioning the hierarchy of “thing” and “field”  they present images in an uncertain state of either, perpetually coming undone, or emerging; a world of endless unfixed potential.

Judy Millar
Judy Millar is one of New Zealand’s most experienced mid-career abstractionists. She rose in prominence in the mid-nineties through a series of vertical paintings that featured delicate bamboo-like horizontal marks, created through the precise removal of organic lines of paint. This interest in subtraction (or ‘unpainting’) as a painting method, is now regarded as a characteristic of her practice. In her current method of working Millar mixes into her process vigorous movement so that the remaining traces provide dramatic as well as contemplative pleasures.

Judy Millar
With their adventurousness and surety, exuberance and intelligence, there’s something very natural about Millar’s work, something that just feels right. Formalism, perhaps, but of the very best kind.

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