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The artist Julia Fish
Born 1950, Toledo, Oregon, USA.
Lives and works in Chicago, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Site specific art, Whitney Biennial,

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Julia Fish
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Julia Fish
For the past seventeen years, Fish's examination of the forms of abstraction and representation in painting has led her to a uniquely provocative analysis of the boundaries of abstraction and the limitations of the static painted image…

Julia Fish
Fish's paintings have simple titles that do no more than modestly name the subject that inspired them. Ivy is a green rectangle inside a slightly darker border, within which float leaflike shapes. Fuzzy at their borders and lacking precise details, these are hardly anatomically correct leaves. Many are partly covered by gray-green blotches that could be mistaken for areas where the paint has been partly scraped away, dulling the color. Much of the work's power stems from such ambiguities. The leaves hover against a green background, sometimes seemingly in front of it, sometimes sinking into the dense green…

Julia Fish
This is a fair question, but I'll admit: I've always winced at the word "career." I even say the word – career – reluctantly, as it doesn't seem to describe my experience as an artist, but rather suggests something to be attained, as if the goal was "to build the career." For me, being an artist is a way of life; my work is inseparable from my life in the world…

Julia Fish
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