Julian Rosefeldt

Julian Rosefeldt | the artist

The artist Julian Rosefeldt
Born 1965, Munich, Germany.
Lives and works in Berlin, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Athens Biennale,

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Julian Rosefeldt
Sometimes a face from a soap opera can look like a painting by Caravaggio…

Julian Rosefeldt
Rosefeldt’s use of theatre results in a series of beautiful scenes that contrast vividly with the idea of deprivation…

Julian Rosefeldt
Clown is set in the middle of a dense tropical rainforest where, from the far distance, a clown appears climbing through the rocky path of a stream, disappearing in and out of view back into the forest…

In order to obtain the material for Global Soap (2001), Julian Rosefeldt approached the offices of the Goethe Institut around the world and asked them to record soap operas from their respective national television channels…

A multi-screen video installation can be an effective way of expressing simultaneity, duplicity and conjunction, yet the medium is generally viewed with a linear understanding of time and place. In his two video installations at Kunstwerke, however, Julian Rosefeldt has constructed much more complex notions in an imbroglio of time, causality, the mechanics of space and the psychology of multiplicity…

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