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The artist Julian Stanczak
Born 1928, Borownica, Poland.
Lives and works in Seven Hills (suburb of Cleveland), OH, USA, .
Style and technique of the artist: Op Art Optical Art,

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julian stanczak
Stanczak has been likened to a magician who transforms color, line, and shape into vibrant surfaces that challenge our perception of reality. Like other artists interested in the optical effects of color and line, he makes paintings composed of lines of varying widths repeated in a sequence of positions so that they seem to move up and down and at the same time to create a surface that advances and recedes into convex and concave swells…

julian stanczak
Julian Stanczak’s art does not echo the natural world.
It does not detail visual experiences. His art does what art
is supposed to do, it amplifies life’s experiences.

julian stanczak
Julian Stanczak

Optical Optics
Into the Mind's Eye of Julian Stanczak

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