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The artist Julius Shulman
Born Oct 10 1910, Brooklyn, New York, USA.
Died July 16 2009, , .
Style and technique of the artist: Photography,

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julius shulman
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julius shulman
Julius Shulman was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1910. However, his formative years were spent on a farm in Connecticut, where he developed an appreciation and understanding of the nature of light. Finally moving to California,his sense of space and volume steadily grew…

julius shulman
Interview with the artist

julius shulman
Shulman returned to Los Angeles from Berkeley in 1936, entirely unclear what to do with his life…

julius shulman
In 1960, Julius Shulman took a photograph that to this day remains the paragon of architectural photography. Case Study House #22 (below) shows the dreamlike, cinematic Los Angeles that has been etched into our collective conscious. Even at the age of 98, Shulman continues to take photographs with the help of his working partner Juergen Nogai. The two met about 10 years ago, and Shulman came out of retirement to work with the like-minded Nogai…

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