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The artist Kai Althoff
Born 1966, Cologne, Germany.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Sculpture Objects, Whitney Biennial,

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kai althoff
<p>The installations of Kai Althoff (b. 1966) possess a strong narrative element. They appear as locations for action and events. In Portikus, Althoff erects a scaffolding closed on the sides in front of one of the windows that reachs to the ceiling. The visitors themselves become protagonists in this walkable object.

kai althoff, the saatchi gallery
Untitled shows a group of black-clad men gathered around a table, immediately suggestive of conspiracy and covert sexual tension. Kai Althoff portrays the intrigue in the paint itself: yellow confronting black, the tenuous texture of the fabric and the oblique fly-on-the-ceiling angle which compresses the subjects into their opposing directions…

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