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The artist Kamera skura
Pseudonym: artistic group
Born June 22 1996, Ostrava, Czech Republic.
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Digital Art,

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kamera skura
MAN & WOMAN – God Becomes A Man

kamera skura
Jesus Christ, Superstar(t)

kamera skura
In Italy, the home of both fanatic sport enthusiasm and Roman Catholicism, the groups of artists Kunst-Fu and Kamera-Skura used the pavilions of the Czech Republic and Slovakia at the 50th Biennial of Venice to present an ironic commentary on a phenomenon that has marked our own society: An over life-size monumental figure of Christ as athlete, clad in sports gear, hovers between videos of cheering fans under an imaginary starry sky…

kamera skura
Global Parking

kamera skura

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