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The artist Kate Gilmore
Born 1975, Washington, DC, USA.
Lives and works in New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Performance Art, Whitney Biennial, Installation art,

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Kate Gilmore
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Kate Gilmore
The dogged persistence of Gilmore's protagonists suggests the obsessive behavior that can characterize daily efforts to cope with high expectations. These dolled-up women seem desperate for success, love, or attention—desires traditionally bound up with gender and the condition of artmaking. In all of her projects, Gilmore strives for compositional perfection, and her incongruous party clothes are always perfectly coordinated with the installation itself…

Kate Gilmore
A valentine to early 70s endurance, risk-taking video and performance, Gilmore, "dressed to kill", violently deconstructs a heart-shaped sculpture, taking a little piece of our nerves bit by bit…

Interview with Kate Gilmore
I spent much of last year in Rome, studying the city's contemporary art scene and focusing on how the city's landscape, replete with historic monuments, might provide a meaningful backdrop for critical intervention, particularly on feminist and environmental issues…

Kate Gilmore
if my shoes matched my dress i could destroy you.

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