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The artist Katerina Seda
Born 1979, Brno, Czech Republic.
Lives and works in Praha and Lisen-Brno, .
Style and technique of the artist: Video, Documenta Kassel,

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Katerina Šedá
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Katerina Šedá
Her past projects include The First Rally of Sunday Painters (Lisen near Brno, 2002), Quiet, Please: I’m Painting (Charles Bridge, Prague, 2003) and Bringing up a Child, 2004. For her latest project Convertor (Academy of Fine Arts, Prague, 2005) Seda invited a “grey jury” composed from 8 members of her Sedy family (“sedy/a” in Czech translates as “grey”), none of whom had been educated in art, and asked them to probe, comment on and join in on the discussions about the art work submitted by graduating students…

Katerina Šedá
I spoke with Šedá about the project and its various implications, specifically having to do with her grandmother and more generally about its dual nature as art and as therapy.

Katerina Šedá
Die Nebelschwaden der Gerüchteküche haben sich verzogen und langsam geraten die harten Fakten in den Blick: Wie artnet schon im März andeutete, wird die 1977 in Tschechien geborene Katerina Šedá an der documenta 12 teilnehmen…

Katerina Šedá
Je to jedno…It doesn’t matter

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