Kazuo Shiraga

Kazuo Shiraga | the artist

The artist Kazuo Shiraga
Born 1924, Amagasaki city, Hyogo prefecture, Japan.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Gutai, Land and Environmental,

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kazuo shiraga
hiraga specialized in Japanese-style painting at school, switching later to oil painting. By the time he joined the "Gutai" group, a Kansai-based avant-garde art group, in 1955, he had begun to paint directly with his hands and feet, abandoning the brush all together…

kazuo shiraga
Kazuo Shiraga, one of the most exciting and versatile members of the Gutai whose search for new modes of expression resulted in an artistic project that included startling, violent performances as well as a unique, explosive style of painting with his feet.

kazuo shiraga
<p>"It was very heavy, heavier than armor, I think."

kazuo shiraga
Like many of his American contemporaries, Shiraga dedicated himself to painting, while choosing to work within his elected creative constariants: his feet, a dangling rope, and a canvas spread on the floor. Shiraga’s six-decade career produced…

kazuo shiraga
When Kazuo Shiraga started to work post-war, too in the 1950s, with the Gutai Group in Japan, in the same way then, the Viennese artists from the Aktionist Movement were considered as one of the first modern movements in Vienna, we can think that Gutai could be considered as the first modern movement in the history of twentieth century art in Japan. It was a group of people in the same way they were willing to challenge painting through action. As you can see in this painting by Kazuo Shiraga, it’s something which is related to action…

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