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The artist Keith Coventry
Born 1958, Burnley, England.
Style and technique of the artist: Design, Painting, Suprematism,

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keith coventry

keith coventry
Poor art can’t be saved by having a political message.'

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Keith Coventry is best known for his paintings of council estates, paintings that are an indictment of the utopian visions of the early twentieth century artist, Malevich. His series of paintings, white squares on a white background, are entitled "Crack City". Coventry’s concerns with the social ills of urban living, the underbelly of city life, are mirrored in his series of bronze "Crack Pipes", which addressed the microcosm of city life, honing in on individual lifestyles.

keith coventry
Keith Coventry is best known for his white on white paintings from the 1990s which were included in the 'Sensation' exhibition at the Royal Academy in 1998…

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