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The artist Ken Aptekar
Born 1950, Michigan, USA.
Lives and works in Paris and New York, .
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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ken aptekar
Ken Aptekar puts words and paintings
together. He paints on wood panels,
then bolts glass sandblasted with texts
over them. Using the history of art as
his playground, Aptekar toys with
paintings from the past, and he connects
them to the present…

ken aptekar
Inspired by the true story of Louis XV’s mistress who needed Art more than anything in the world, Aptekar offers a highly personal look at the cultivated, clever and ever-loving Madame de Pompadour…

ken aptekar
In 1997, Aptekar selected a number of seventeenth- to early-nineteenth-century paintings from the Corcoran’s collection as the basis for an exhibition of thirty works titled Talking to Pictures…

ken aptekar
Aptekar borrows his imagery from great artists of the past, adding text (often sandblasted on glass over his paintings) to open a dialogue between art history and the viewer…

ken aptekar
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