Kenji Yoshida

Kenji Yoshida | the artist

The artist Kenji Yoshida
Born May 25 1924, Ikeda City (Osaka, Japan.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting,

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Kenji Yoshida
I paint to tell people the importance of Inochi To Heiwa or Life and Peace. My honorable professor, Furukido Masaru once told me: ”Yoshida, don’t take up a rifle”, take up painting!”. During the Pacific War, Mr. Furukido refused to take up arms and spent the rest of his life instructing others in the Pacifist cause. He died among the Vietnamese…

Kenji Yoshida
Selected for training as a kami-kaze pilot, Yoshida was extremely lucky to survive his teens – though the majority of his close friends were not so fortunate…

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