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The artist Kenneth Noland
Born 1924, , USA.
Died Jan 5 2010, Port Clyde, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Painting, Printmakers, Minimal Art, Hard-Edge, Post Painterly Abstraction, Geometric abstraction,

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Brilliantly colored concentric circles, chevrons and stripes were among the most recognized and admired signatures of the postwar style of abstraction known as Color Field painting.

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kenneth noland
Works in the collection of the TATE Gallery

kenneth noland
Mysteries: Solar

kenneth noland
Walker Art

kenneth noland
April belongs to Noland’s highly original and startlingly direct Concentric Circle series (1958–1963) which feature symmetrical, circular bands of varying colors from which energy radiates either in a rotary fashion or, as in this work, outward from the center…

kenneth noland
Turnsole. 1961

kenneth noland
Shadow Line

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