Kenzo Okada

Kenzo Okada | the artist

The artist Kenzo Okada
Born 1902, Yokohama, Japan.
Died 1982, Tokyo, Japan.
Style and technique of the artist: Printmakers, Painting,

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interview with Kenzo Okada
Okada discusses his background; wanting to be a painter since age 15 and his father being against the idea; attending Tokyo Fine Arts University and studying Western art tradition there; going to Paris in 1924 to study on his own; meeting Alberto Giacometti in Paris; returning to Japan in 1927; interest in Western art; exhibiting in Japan; his painting style; coming to the United States in 1950; and appreciating Japan and Japanese culture. Okada mentions Marie Laurencin, Bradley Tomlin, Clyfford Still, Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Betty Parsons, Mark Rothko, Nishita (Japanese philosopher), and Mark Tobey…

Kenzo Okada
Okada evokes the aura of landscape by using earth colors, abstract patterns hinting at rocks and flowers, and an overall haziness that makes this “scene” look submerged in water.

Kenzo Okada
Kenzo Okada (1902-1982), a native of what is today Hatsune-cho, Naka Ward, Yokohama City, was active worldwide. He went to France in 1924 and spent three years in Paris working with painters there. Back in Japan, Okada became famous especially for portraying groups of figures with his outstanding sense of color and composition…

Kenzo Okada
Interview with the artist

Kenzo Okada
Portrait of a couple, Kenzo Okada and wife Kimi, sitting on a chair next to desk covered in paper, Los Angeles, California, September 5, 1950…

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