Kerstin Bratsch

Kerstin Bratsch | the artist

The artist Kerstin Bratsch
Born 1976, Hamburg, Germany.
Lives and works in New York, USA.
Style and technique of the artist: Greater New York, Painting, Venice Biennale,

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Kerstin Brätsch
Kerstin Brätsch's gregarious practice moves fluidly between mediums and between individual and collective practice. Brätsch creates strange hybrids of painting, design, and performance. For instance, her large-scale oil paintings can be used as backdrops for her staged actions, her sculptures can serve as distribution nodes for various 'zines and Xeroxed publications, and her poster works can function as remixes of or advertisements for her paintings…

Kerstin Brätsch
Do you sometimes have a cut in your mouth?

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