Kostis Velonis

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The artist Kostis Velonis
Born 1968, Athens, Greece.
Lives and works in Athens, Greece, .
Style and technique of the artist: Installation art, Sculpture Objects,

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Kostis Velonis
In my last work I try sometimes to question the certainties for an avant garde written by the dominant trend about the optimist interpretation of the structural austerity and functional perfection…

Kostis Velonis
Kostis Velonis’ wooden sculptures speak of solitary journeys, lonesome cowboys, sombre summer nights, and peculiar landscapes. Their modest construction and use of materials make them almost humble in presence, and yet they have heavy and prominent personalities…

Kostis Velonis
Singing sovietness: what they did to our souls, 2007)

Kostis Velonis
Determined Spaces

Kostis Velonis
Historical re-examination produces new meanings and associations and I am certainly more attached to the impossibilities of the historical facts that express the failures of ideologies. It seems increasingly important to link my sculptural practise with the notion of freedom that puts the individual in opposition to the collective manifestations and political groups. Indeed , my emphasis on historical facts relies upon my need to opposite individuality within ideological systems. Russian avant-garde for example has served as a laboratory for new art forms and styles but in fact but if we look at those works from a historical perspective, it is clear that they defend an authority proposed within the context of upgrading the state…

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